Destiny’s Bounty Adventure Book

An in-world boxed set that ties into the best-selling LEGO® book brand and the latest TV episodes.

  • Special anniversary tie-in golden edition will be promoted as part of LEGO® NINJAGO® 10th anniversary celebrations
  • Exclusive never-before-seen content will appeal to NINJAGO fans
  • Exclusive 3–in-1 LEGO model plus Wu minifigure, map and book make this title an all-in-one playful reading kit
  • Perfect gift item that appeals to the NINJAGO audience at large
  • An in-world title to deepen the NINJAGO universe with original art, new stories, new characters, and in-between scenes



WLB-6701 | full colour | 80 pages | Box size: 259 x 219 mm | Book size: 165 x 235 mm | Map size: 630 x 482 mm folded to 210 x241 mm | 52 LEGO® elements including minifigure


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