Imagine & Play Christmas

These box sets tie into the classic LEGO® ethos of encouraging creativity and curiosity about the world. With over 50 bricks and two books, the Imagine and Play series leads young readers through various building activities — from EXCLUSIVE official LEGO builds to free builds — that tap into young people’s imaginations.

Each book and toy set includes:

  • Over 50 bricks to build exclusive official LEGO® models
  • Full-colour picture book featuring exclusive builds and building activities
  • One-colour activity book with puzzles
  • Outstanding illustrations
  • How-to notes for parents and caregivers

LRB-6603 | box | over 50 LEGO® bricks | box: 188 x 249 x 30mm | book 1: 48 pp, 165 x 235 mm | book 2: 32 pp, 165 x 235 mm


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