Captivating stories
favourite characters

Mission fun 7

with buildable minifigure

Full of fun and challenging brain teasers that help kids get to know the LEGO® world better while cultivating their creative talents.


Book of Mazes

Contains five reward sticker badges

Mazes have begun appearing everywhere! Navigate these LEGO® labyrinths yourself or challenge a friend to solve them with you. Can you help the brave policemen, race competitors, a knight on a quest, an adventurous hiker and more?
Find out in this ‘a-maze-ing’ book of LEGO adventures.


Activity Doodle Book

Get ready to doodle!
This activity book is bursting with places to draw, design, and scribble. A furry werewolf, a courageous firefighter, and a fearless police officer are only a few of the LEGO® heroes who will join you in this super fun book.
Grab your pencils and let’s begin!


coming soon

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