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The Dream World is REAL!

On the surface, Mateo, Izzie, Cooper, Logan and Zoey seem like ordinary kids -they live in a big city and go to a normal school. One fateful night, these kids have their eyes opened to a secret that has been kept for thousands of years when they discover the dream world is a real place…

The Nightmare King has escaped from his prison inside the GRIM REALM, a dark corner of the dream world that is home to the collective fears and regrets of people’s dreams, and now he is terrorizing sleeping kids and siphoning off their imaginations to fuel his Nightmare Army. He will stop at nothing to conquer the dream world, and then the waking world.

It turns out their seemingly boring science teacher is actually a dream chaser, an Agent of the Night Bureau, a secret organization which has protected the waking world from the dream world’s true nature for centuries. But Mr. Oswald is the last dream chaser in Brooklyn, and there are fewer dream chasers worldwide than ever! He needs their help… he needs Mateo and his friends to become dream chasers and learn the power of dream crafting.

Dream crafting is the ability to focus all your inspiration and creativity to manifest objects, tools, vehicles, companions … anything you can imagine in the dream world. Together with the help of Mr. Oswald and a colorful cast of supporting characters, Mateo, Izzie, and their friends delve into this exciting new world as they take on the Nightmare King and his sinister forces.

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Middle schoolers by day
Adventurous heroes by night
When they go to sleep , the fun begins…

MATEO                                                           IZZIE

COOPER                                                           ZOEY

LOGAN                                                          MR OZ


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