Magical Year at Hogwarts

his brand-new novelty box follows your favorite LHP characters through a year at HogwartsTM, from when they board the Hogwarts Express in the fall to when they return home for summer holiday. Through the book’s fun facts, anecdotes, activities and LEGO® humor, readers will discover the mysteries of Hogwarts (including the fascinating teachers and amazing spells), witness a house tournament, and experience other special Hogwarts school moments.​​

  • Appropriate for all year-round, not just Christmas
  • Features a cardstock play scene of Gryffindor common room
  • Includes 3 LEGO® minifigures (Harry, Ron & Hermione) + mini models (Christmas tree, a present and a table with food, a drink and chess)  which can be placed on the play scene

CLB-6401 | full color | 80 pages | Hard cover | Book size: 190x250 mm | Box size (with window): 301x251x33 mm

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