LEGO® Books
Who Done It?

This new twist on mystery stories stars a detective and her crime-sniffing canine companion who-with the reader’s help!-must solve heist-based puzzles from the LEGO® world. Dive into these exciting mysteries; collect clues from the story, the artwork, and the evidence envelopes to solve the puzzles; and then identify the crooks to crack each case like a pro!

  • Includes: book with stories and comics, poster, LEGO® minifigure, and 2 – in –1 dog model designed specially for this kit
  • 5 mysteries stories, and 12 comic cases to solve
  • 5 evidence envelopes filled with clues
  • Features a popular subject for this reading level

AMB-6601 | full color | box size 244 × 304 × 34 mm | handbook size 205 × 288 mm, 64 pages | detective minifigure with accessories and 2-in-1 LEGO® dog model | 5 envelopes


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