Ninja Mission

Master Wu gives the ninja a mission of extreme importance – they are to deliver a mysterious package from the Monastery of Spinjitzu to a Ninjago City dojo. Will they reach the city safely? What are their devious enemies scheming? Where is evil Lord Garmadon hiding? The action-packed story, two LEGO® minifigures, a fold-out play mat and a pop-up diorama included in this book will inspire creative play and encourage children to create new adventures featuring heroes from the world of Ninjago.

The book contains:

  • 3D pop-up play scene perfect for LEGO® play
  • Inspirational story starter
  • Fold-out play mat
  • Lloyd and Garmadon minifigures


LMB-6701 | full colour | 14 pages | gatefold 950 x 290 mm | hard cover | LEGO® add-ons in a blister pack


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